Yes, I’m running (for wellness)!

25 02 2010

One weekend at the mall, right before our usual movie weekend, we went to Nike Park to “window” shop for shoes. We’ve been to the shop before, after several weekends of finding nothing new, or interesting on the shelf, I thought this is again one of those fruitless hunt for a new pair of shoes. While browsing into the shoes mounted on to wall shelves, I walked in to a wall labeled “Running”. I’ve seen shoes here before, they’re the ones that look either mesh-y or they have those strips of fabric that lights up when hit by a light source.

Before I continue, allow me to flashback on to several months ago. We went up north to Ilocos. I was at first excited because we’ll go to Pagudpod, plus I’ve never been there. We took the bus and, man, it was a really long 8-hour ride. It would’ve been a huge pain if not for the fact that the places we were passing through were places I’ve only seen on maps. What got me really excited was when we were told that we’ll be staying over our friend’s grandmother’s house. She said that they have meals in between meals! True enough, when we got there, we were served with the best longganisa (sausage) I’ve tasted. We stayed for 3 days and I made sure to eat all the Ilocos longganisa I could get my hands into (we even ate the longganisa pizza). My point, after that trip, I gained so much weight (I’m actually going to spell out “weight” as “wait”, darn idiot!). So much that I started having fats where there no fats have gone into. I’ve these love handles that my pants started to not fit. I moved two belt holes up. To top it all off, I started eating Quarter Pounder Meals (large fries and coke) everyday for lunch at the office. Need I say, the situation had gotten out of control?

I first started with the sit-ups and crunches. Well, it doesn’t really work for two reasons: one, it’s hard to do; second, you get lazy after maybe a week of doing this. Then I started dieting. I left my everyday Quarter-Pounder Meal and turned to KFC’s Garden Fresh Salads (alternating between Caesar’s Salad Dressing and Asian). I also lessened my everyday rice intake (from 2 heaping cups to 1). Well, I stopped gaining weight (I think), for one. But that’s pretty much it. My pants won’t fit anymore and I have to wear a Large-sized shirt just so my tummy won’t show. Until one day, I was told one magic word – “Cardio”. I started browsing the web for articles about weight loss and they all suggested the same thing: Run! So there I am, motivated to lose these love handles.

I started walking to work. It worked! I lost an inch. But due to some unavoidable turn of events, I could no longer walk to work. Well, that turned all of my plans to lose weight down the drain. I found another alternative: Get into a gym! But I’ve some trust issues against me so that’s gonna have to be my plan B.

Going back to the walls of running shoes, I was given this pair of shoes on sale (I’m pretty concerned about the price). After much convincing, I decided to purchase a pair of running shoes. I wasn’t at all enthusiastic about it. But when I realized I could just run around the block, my goal to lose these flabs came to light. An idea sparked and so I started contacting my friend, Charm. It was a Monday and I know she has to go to work by 7am so I told her I would drop by her place and we’ll jog at 4am.

Well, I’ll tell you all about our jog tomorrow. As for now, let this be for the record, I’ll jog at least twice a week for 25 mins straight, twice in a day.

I need your suggestions and help to meet this goal.

Thank you so much!




One response

2 03 2010

Congratulations! Ako din dapat ko ng gawin yan dahil malapit na akong maging isang dugong…

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