Running differently

26 02 2010

[A REPOST FROM MY PREVIOUS BLOG SITE POSTED ON FEB 15, 2010 – Improved and edited for typos and grammar misses (perfectionist ako, pakielam niyo ba?)]

I don’t think I’d be running again anytime soon. My shift won’t allow me to, or at least I’d like to think my shift won’t allow me to (I’m making up excuses).

I’m on my first day of training.

You all remember your first days. Be it at school, work, big brother house etc. We all dread that first day. I remember my mother would always have to send me to school on first days from Prep School till my Senior year. Yes, I’m a mama’s boy. I just couldn’t bear the thought of starting a school year without any form of support from my mother. Unfortunately, I have to grow up (darn you, ageing!). Somehow, I have to face the world without life support (of some sort). Then come my first day in college, my mom couldn’t be with me on my first day because she has to go with my father abroad. So, there I was – alone, and completely clueless of this new world I’m about to embark in.

From the awkwardness to the very uncomfortable “Introduce yourself” in front of the class, I dread every single day the school year would start. The fear of the unknown really, I guess, is innate of us – to most of us to say the least.

It’s all about the first impressions. They say first impressions last. That would be true for those who didn’t give any effort to get to know the person.

It’s very easy for us to judge a person by the way they speak, talk, walk, dress, look, and even smell. I know that for a fact because I’m also one of those people who judge someone by how they initially seem to be. And for sure, I’ve also been judged the same way I’ve judged other people too.

You ever had experienced someone asking you about someone then you and your stupid mouth would say bad things you think that person is and then it turns out the person you are talking to is a close friend of that person you’ve bad mouthed? Then you start reverse vomiting but it’s useless coz you’ve already hurt the person’s feelings.

From John Mayer’s song, Oh, it’s another social casualty… Score one more for me… How could I forget mama said, “Think before speaking”?

And that’s the problem about words, once it’s out, you can never take it back. True enough think before speaking. But in this case, prevention would be to avoid prejudice. That’s basically is the root of discrimination. There’s a reason people are like the way they are. One of my favorite movies, Crash, talked about how people makes other people miserable because another person has made them miserable. You can’t just say he’s arrogant because he is just that. He may come off too strong to some because he grew up of a family that was never proud of him. He may have turned into giving this impression so he would have a sense of achievement.

We live in a diverse world. As the movie said, “Moving at the speed of light, we are bound to collide with each other”. And unless we learn to not just tolerate, but accept each other’s difference, our miscellany is off to unending arguments with each other.

Share love… Give love… Spread love…


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One response

26 02 2010

my Mom (a psych.grad) always tell me that we should respect “individual differences,” and that we all have unique characteristics that fill up for the lack or deficiency of the other.. 😀 kaya naman we really should value one another.. ^_^

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