28 02 2010

Y’all know I love watching scary movies, right?

Try looking for the movie “House”.

The film opens with a verse from the Bible that says “The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comprehended it not” (John 1:5).

After seeing that in the beginning of the film, it reminded me of a book I saw years back. But because I didn’t have enough money to buy it, I just placed it back into the shelf and hoped that I’ll have the money to buy it. What I saw in that book right at the very first page is a verse from the Bible. Although I don’t remember it now, the movie I just saw (on DVD) reminded me of it. Then it all came together, the movie I was watching, was all about the book I placed back into the shelf.

The book was written by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti.

I didn’t have the chance to read what the book was all about. But what I remember is these three rules by the Tin Man:

Welcome to my house!

House Rules

Rule #1: God came into my house and I killed him.

Rule #2: I will kill anyone who comes into my house, like I killed God.

Rule #3: Give me one dead body before sunrise and I will let Rule number 2 slide.


I will not tell you how the story ended. But for sure, this is not your ordinary slasher horror movie. It’s of a very different kind.


Alright, now if you’re in that house with people you know and even total strangers, and the only plausible way out is do what the Tin Man said… would you give him that one dead body?




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28 02 2010
Coach ni MD

hindi ko gagawin yun! por dios por MD… naku, para palang msgiging survival of the fittest ang magaganap, kailangan mong pumatay, kunde… ikaw ang papatayin…

nakakatakot… para sa akin, tama nang ako ang patayin, kesa ang pumatay… at least malinis ang kunsensya ko pagharap ko kay bro… 🙂 oh ha?.. ano?.. apir!

28 02 2010

very well said, candidate number 1!

1 03 2010

yay! scary nun… haays! backread pa pala ako.

1 03 2010

ako, papatay na lang ako ng ipis at ihahagis ko sa kanya… voila! dead body… now let me out!

1 03 2010
Coach ni MD

ahaha! hindi ko to naisip.. 😀 ahaha!!! kulet..:-D naisip ko tao.. 😀 Sambalahe…

1 03 2010

waw..napaka-dark and evil naman nito..pero mukhang maganda ah..and ‘di naman foreign sa akin ang pagbabasa at panonood ng mga ganyang klase ng storya..i’ll Google it.. 😀

2 03 2010

don’t expect a really, really scary movie… it’s not like that. and don’t expect din na may sobrang original na ending. basta, nagandahan lang ako sa idea ng book na ito. i suggest looking for the book first. baka tamarin ka nang hanapin yung book after mo panoorin.

18 03 2010

Hindi ako mahilig manood ng horror movie, pero mahilig ako magabasa ng may patayan. Parang gusto ko ang libro na ito, naguluhan ako, may libro ka na nito? Pahiram? Feeling close? HAhaha!

Question: Would you give him that one dead body?
Answer: Errr.. ahhh… ohhh.. (deadbol na, ambagal kasi sumagot)


18 03 2010

hinahanap ko pa rin yung librong ito eh kapag may nahanap na ako… sige…

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