Viva! Soy un millonario!

22 11 2010

Now that I am a millionaire, I will…

  • Still work in the office as a Researcher. I don’t want anyone to think that I’ve gone conceited because of my easily earned wealth. I’ll still work there because I want to answer questions like, “Why do you still work here, when you can practically buy the Company?” with “I want to remain grounded. I built a family in this job as a researcher and the wealth that I’ve earned is nothing compared to the relationships I had built working in this company. Besides, I want to keep myself busy aside from the trips my butler has set for me for the whole year.”
  • Learn how to speak Spanish and start talking to anyone I look down to in Spanish like in Soap Operas where the Hacienderos converse to their slaves. “Tonta” or “Vamos, Indios”!
  • Buy a car. Just one car to drive myself to work. The limo is for when I’m too lazy to drive for myself.
  • Buy a yacht and invite everyone to a party. I’ll invite Oprah Winfrey and tell her that I’m buying her. I’ll invite Willie Revillame and have him bend over while everyone pins a tail on his arse!
  • Buy a timeslot on ABS-CBN. I’ll make sure it’s the primetime slot. This is where I’ll air all my video-blogs.
  • Have Vicky Bello perform a liposuction on me and make David Beckham dip nachos on my fat so I’ll be the sexiest man alive.
  • Announce that August __, is the international day to adore me. All posters in EDSA should be brought down and replaced by pictures of me from when I was a baby until I’m all grown up. A program will then be held in MOA concert grounds to be hosted by Toni Gonzaga and Mariel Rodriguez to honor my existence.



7 responses

22 11 2010
J. Kulisap

Oright, gising na.

But what you are dreaming is not impossible.

Who knows, you will be remembered and be a part of Phil History. 🙂

22 11 2010

Ako bibili ng beach house at dun na titira habambuhay. Bow. Teka tumaya ka na ba sa lotto? Baka naman hindi ka tumataya

23 11 2010

tama si ate salbe tumaya ka na sa lotto nang magawa mo yang ninanais ng puso mo hekhek…

23 11 2010

may nakalimutan ka:

“I’ll ask all my friends to come over to my house, and slap my face until… I wake up from my dreams…”


27 11 2010

dun lang ako sa number 1 at 3…


kunyari hindi nanalo sa lotto. nakalimutan mo atang bumili ng bahay?

27 11 2010

may bahay na ako… hindi ko naman kailangan ng malaki… kailangan ko may matutulugan, makakainan… nga pala, nakabili na ako ng inception na DVD…. papanuorin ko pa lang… wag kang spoiler, kundi kakayurin kita at ibubudbod sa ispageti!

28 11 2010

wow na wow lahat
nagulat naman ako dito
sa ABS-CBN slot, kay Oprah, Willie

akala ko wish list ito sa pakontes ni ate salbe
wala pa ding nanalo sa Lotto waling MD

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