Time to trim down

26 01 2011

Y’all know how I’ve been trying to lose some pounds. If you would look at the picture below, my weight just tips the scale at around 155 lbs. That’s like 5 pounds that I gained from last week! At this rate I’d be a panda before this year ends!
Maybe you’re thinking that I may be over-reacting. I know my ideal weight is around 155 lbs, but it’s a problem when most of that weight is concentrated in my mid section. It gets worse when your what used to be 30″ waistline is near 38″!
Okay, I admit that cutting down my carb intake is gonna be really hard. Just now, I just binged a whole bowl of Salted Fish and Chicken Fried rice from North Park in between writing this post down and it just kills me to know that I couldn’t refuse that extra serving of rice.
Over the weekend, we had our Team Building in Pansol. I’m just there for the pool! I for one can’t swim to save my life but I know how to make myself float like a log or swim like a frog. I don’t know, but swimming makes me not want to light a cigarette. Maybe it’s the endorphines produced by the whole-body work-out, but somehow I feel happy.
Right now, I’m planning to get into a swimmingg class but I couldn’t find one that caters to adults. I can just imagine the sight of me swimming with floaters surrounded by a bunch of kids who can swim better than I can! Embursing much!
I’m gonna end this post for now. I’ll go worry about the spam SMS we’ve been receiving. Grrr much!
weight taken January 23!

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11 responses

26 01 2011
J. Kulisap

Magaling akong lumangoy MD, parang langoy aso yata ang alam ko. 🙂

Tama ‘yan para mas maging healthy ka.

Lozada Swimming School, try mo ‘yan.

27 01 2011

kuya, hindi talaga ako marunong… i mean, hindi marunong mag-freestyle, backstroke, breast-stroke… yung lumangoy lang na parang palaka ang kaya ko… sige, tingin ako sa Lozada.. baka naman mahal?

26 01 2011

Hindi din ako marunong lumangoy pero malakas ang loob kong mapalutang sa tubig. Embursing much!

Pagkatapos ng holiday season, sumikip ang mga uniporm ko. Kaya tuwing gabi, cereals at milk lang ang diner ko, pampa-strong ng bones. =)

27 01 2011

sinubukan ko na rin yang diet na cereals, salbe… hindi umubra… nasira lang tiyan ko kasi lactose-intolerant ako.. may pinalit ako, granola bars. matagal akong busog at may fiber pa ang digestive system ko. kaso nga lang, napaparami kasi masarap yung granola hehe

26 01 2011

Hutahena may WordPress for BB? Naiingget na me much! Gusto ko na ren ng BB!

Nakwento ko na bang nag da diet ako? Oo. Maniwala ka’t sa hinde.

27 01 2011

mag-BB ka na rin kasi, 8K lang kaya ang Curve… wag ka na mag-postpaid plan, ako nga prepaid lang eh

27 01 2011

hindi ka marunong lumangoy? tsk tsk.

madalas pa naman ang baha. swimMD,swim!!!

27 01 2011

marunong naman ako magpalutang, kung baha naman, gagawin ko lang matutulog kung saan ako inabutan hehe

6 02 2011

ang totoo, yung ‘Posted with WordPress for BlackBerry.’ ang nabasa ko.

nagkatanong tuloy ako. ayos ba WP sa BB?

7 02 2011


ok naman ang WordPress for BB in a sense that you get to upload posts from your phone to your BB. But you don’t get full control like editing your widget and stuff like that. But for a mobile app, WordPress for BB is good enough. Plus you get bragging rights that you have posted something via your BlackBerry phone (yabang mode hehe)

9 02 2011

salamat sa mga points ser topless.

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