Caught in a bad romance

23 02 2014

I’m halfway through my can of beer and I’m already dizzy.
Just like this movie that I am watching.
Lake House
Whoever wrote this movie, I bet one of my balls that it’s a woman.
It’s not that I’m being sexist against women or something. Yeah, I’m all for gender equality and all, but come on!
I’d switch the channel but I’m just too lazy.
By the way, I’m writing this as it is happening, so please forgive me if I get too off tangent.
God, this chicken nugget sucks.
Anyhow, back to the topic.
Romance. Ugh, I feel like throwing up just at the thought of it. I’m all for love, commitments and relationship and all but the Hollywood image that has been painted on us about romance is just too… it just takes too much effort.
Let’s just look at 50 First Dates. I bet my other ball that a woman wrote that. Though I won’t look it up coz I’m too lazy. I just think that that movie is a woman’s perspective on how she thinks she should be persuaded or made to fall in love every single day.
Ain’t nobody got time fo’ that!


Fork you, Thunder! You can sick my duck!

30 07 2012

I never had a Teddy Bear. When I grew up, my cousin had one that sings ABC and with blinking lights. I was never fond of it. When it’s about to drain on battery, the ABC song gets slower in a creepy, deep voice and the flashing red eyes makes it creepier.
But if I would have a thunder buddy, I would want someone who could say, F*ck you, Thunder! Sick my duck!

My 2011

27 12 2011

The year’s about to end and I figured it’s just timely enough for me to look back into the year that was.

  • First year anniversary of Run, MD! Run!
    • Run, MD! Run! Was created for the main purpose of encouraging me to run at least twice a month. Well, so far, I’ve only managed to run twice this year and with 4 days left of this year, I don’t think that number’s gonna increase. But anyhow, thanks for everyone who bid their greetings for this milestone.
  • I didn’t get the promotion I applied for but I got in to a leadership training
    • Yes, I got depressed for quite a long time after that and actually considered choosing another job but after a few months, I got in to this leadership training and I am now on a manager relief role. I’m not yet there, but I’m getting there. But it’s one hell of a path to get there. I just hope I survive (but please let me get the promotion).
  • I went to Singapore
    • It was better than Hong Kong. I enjoyed it because there’s more to see in Singapore than in Hong Kong and it’s easier to get along with the locals since they speak and understand functional English. But then I had less money when we went to Singapore than when we went to Hong Kong. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that Singapore’s more expensive than Hong Kong.
  • Photography
    • I got into photography shortly after the Singapore trip. I enrolled in a Basic Photography class. My expectations: a class full of clueless brats who can afford a DSLR. Reality: a whole bunch of semi-professionals who enrolled to Basic Photography to get through Advanced level then to Wedding/Landscape Photography. Ending: I felt like crap. All my photos are worse than when I took them using my very first camera phone. Only with a bigger file size. Fuck.
  • Busy, busy, busy
    • I became so busy with the leadership program then photography, then work, then sleeping. I was so tired on weekdays that I have to allot a day during the weekend just to allow myself to get back all the hours I lack in sleep. In the end, I couldn’t pay much attention in my leadership class; I was so busy with work that I didn’t had the time to properly plan my finale photo for the class that the critic that I got from my photo was “inappropriate” and “amateurish”; I was so mad most of the time that I got in to so much verbal fights that I thought I’m going nuts and I considered getting into an anger management class. But I thought it’s another time I had to subtract from my restless week… bad idea.
  • Fat
    • I started the year weighing 140lbs. That’s why I wanted to run to lose some of that weight and then get into a gym to turn that fat into lean muscles. Didn’t happen. Like I said, I was so busy that lack so much sleep and I compensated with eating just so I won’t disintegrate at work. Now I weigh around 160lbs and my neck started fusing with my face, I lost my jaw line.
  • Rufus and Rover
    • We bought Rufus for my birthday but then a week later he died of canine parvo-virus. A month later, we bought Rover and we thought we’re gonna keep him forever. Life is a bitch and decided to fuck me and took Rover from us after 3 months. I’m gonna tell you more about this on my next post. But before I do, let me just say, “Fuck you, life, for taking Rufus and Rover from us”.
  • Bankruptcy
    • Because of the vet bills and medicines and all other expenses with Rover and Rufus, I drained my savings account dry. I didn’t get to spend Christmas with my older brother who happens to be the only one in my family who’s still in the country but then probably already hates me for not spending Christmas with him. I didn’t get to see my nephews and youngest who was born on Christmas day because I don’t have money: money to give them and money for a jeepney ride to their houses.

There’s a lot more but I can’t say it here. But I think that’s more than enough reason why my 2011 sucks big time and this is what I have to say about it…

Although there were some ups but the downs far outweigh it so yeah… F**K YOU 2011.

So what if the world’s gonna end on 2012, it sure beats living 2011 all over again.


Disclaimer: You’d probably think that I have the rich kid problem, but let me just point out that I’m not really complaining. I’m just contemplating on how bad the year was for me but yet I’m still alive. If 2011 is this much suck-y for me, then the future looks bright since it couldn’t get any worse than that…


I think…


I hope.


16 12 2011

I wasn’t on hiatus if anyone’s asking. I’ve just been busy with work, that’s it. Well, I’m not at work all week, but I’m busy resting and trying to get back some sleep I’ve lost during the weekday on weekends. This proves that you can never have work-life balance. I was told that if you talk too much about work life balance, you either do not work, or have no life at all.

I’ve tried several times to write something using the WordPress app on my phone, but that didn’t do me good. I attempted to write about Rufus, our first dog, but I thought it was too long and maybe no one would read it.

This is Rufus, 3 months old, Shih Tzu

Rufus is a 3-month old Shih Tzu when we first got him days after my birthday. We had him examined by a vet and was told that he needs to stay in our house for a week more before we proceed with the normal grooming and shots. We took him home and had to keep him in the carrier that we bought him with. It was the most heart-breaking sound when he cried through the night but we had to be strong to make him used to being alone at night. In the morning, we took him out for a walk around the neighborhood, we were the happiest seeing Rufus run and sniff around.

Saturday morning, I went home from work to feed Rufus. I felt bad because I had to leave him right away because I had a class that day. I didn’t place him back the carrier because I thought it’s too small for him. Instead, I placed him on his leash and left. Before I locked the door, I heard him cry. When I got home, we bought him a crate and he looks like he loved it.

Sunday, we stayed home to play with him the whole day. I loved the way he would crawl in the space between the bean bag where I would normally sit and the sofa. There he would beckon for me to scratch his belly and he would go straight to sleep.

Monday, I left early for work and went back the next morning @ 4am. Here I fed him right away but noticed he didn’t eat any of the food I gave him. I thought he’s probably not in the mood to eat. So I placed him back in his crate and went to sleep. When I wake up @9am, we found some vomit on the tray under his crate and I wondered where that came from since he didn’t eat that morning. I thought he might have just eaten something that didn’t agree with him. But when we tried to call him, he won’t move and appeared lethargic. We immediately rushed him to the vet where we found that he had Parvo. We were told that he had a 50/50 chance of surviving.

The next day, I called the vet for updates on Rufus but I was told that he wouldn’t eat and kept vomiting and his stool is still soft. I feared for the worst. We visited him for 3 days and noticed that he would try his best to still respond when although we were told that his health is not improving.

Friday morning, it was my turn to visit and I’m stuck in traffic on my way to the vet. I received a call from the Vet and was told that Rufus can’t breathe anymore, I was already crying. I told the cab driver to hurry. Just a few meters from the vet’s clinic, I received another call and this time a lady spoke to me saying that Rufus had already passed away. When I was called to get inside the operating room, I saw lying on the table the life-less body of Rufus. I cried so hard.

We were told that it’s impossible that Rufus caught the virus when he was with us since the virus had an incubation period of 7 to 14 days. Rufus may have had the virus already when we bought him. Funny because Rufus had the slip with all these vaccines showing he should’ve had immunity to this virus. We were told that the pet shop we bought him from may have just injected the vaccines themselves or probably didn’t do it at all.

The most heart-breaking part of it is that he is our first pet and we didn’t even had the chance to bathe him or had him groomed.

Now I understand why certain pet owners go to the extent of pampering their pets that it sometimes border exaggeration. Those days, no matter how few, when we went home and see Rufus jumping and barking at us made us alive once again and made us feel that someone’s waiting for us. Now I understand what made me cry when my uncle had our family dog killed for pulutan.

Rufus is just one in thousands of dogs sold in pet stores for a bargain price and probably meant nothing to the owner than a few thousand pesos. He is just one in thousands of dogs, everyday that are abused and killed because they couldn’t get a home. We’re just glad that we took Rufus out of that place and we somehow managed to make him feel loved and made us feel loved no matter how brief.

Protected: Harold Camping admits using Rapture to distract people from RH Bill

22 05 2011

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More-more Singapore!

3 04 2011

Last Saturday, on board Cebu Pacific Air, we landed in Singapore (Budget Terminal coz I’m so cheap) at around 5:30pm. At kahit na wala pa akong tulog (kagagaling ko lang ng 9pm to 6am shift at nag-finalize ng mga inimpake from 7am to 10am), nabuhay ang diwa ko paglapag namin ng airport. Isa lang ang ibig sabihin niyan: LAMON, WALDAS AT GALA! Keipayn, tatlo!

Singapore is like Hong Kong but it’s not. Parehas halos sa lahat, kaso mas marami lang tao! At mas maraming halo ng tao – Indians, Malaysians, Filipinos, Americans, and maraming maraming Filipinos!


  • Sunblock
    • Hindi naman sa nag-iinarte ako. Medyo na-trauma na ako nung pumunta ako sa Hong Kong eh. Imagine spending roughly 4 hours under the sun, siguradong sunog ka! At since mas malapit ang Singapore sa equator, I figured it’ll be hotter. When we got to Singapore last Saturday, medyo maulan. Pero mabuti na ring nag-iingat, remember ang UV rays.


  • Bring adapters for your chargers
    • This was our biggest mistake from our last trip. Make sure you have researched before you even get to the plane what socket is most commonly used. Hotels usually won’t provide adapters for your chargers or power supply. Good thing BlackBerry provides adapters for almost all socket types so I didn’t have to buy an adapter.


  • Activate Roaming
    • You’ll never know when you need to contact someone back home when you’re abroad. Do this an hour before your flight and make sure you have a spare prepaid reload card (if you’re on prepaid). Also, make sure you’re fully aware of the charges para hindi kayo magaya sa akin. Usually, I don’t mind texting a lot kasi sa ilang beses ko ba namang mag-load para sa BB Data services, ang dami ko nang free text (431 free text as of last check). Eh, malay ko ba namang PhP15 + PhP2.50 ang charge kada text! Aba’y buong giliw ba naman akong mag-text giving update sa mga tao dito. Buti hindi na nag-reply si Salbe sa akin LOL. Nga pala, while roaming, hindi pala gumagana ang BB ON. When I got back to Manila, I had to reboot my phone para mare-activate yung BIS ko.

My BlackBerry na kulay white. SingTel ang partner ng Globe sa Singapore. Notice that I’m already on OS 6! Inggit you much?!


  • US Dollars
    • Days before you leave, make sure you’ve already changed the money you’ll bring to US Dollars (Not Singaporean Dollars, I’ll tell you in a few). BDO is the best place to have them changed. They have a reservation policy if you’re gonna need more than US$ 1000. Why not Singaporean dollars? Coz you’ll get more when you exchange a US$ than directly changing your PhP to S$.


  • Where to stay
    • It doesn’t really have to be expensive. Important point: You don’t need TV! You’ll be spending the whole day outside your hotel so why get a hotel with a TV in your room. All you need is a nice bed, shower and AC. That’s it. And oh, don’t worry about leaving your valuables inside the room especially when you know that the hotel crew members are mostly Singaporeans. I’ll tell you more about this in a few.


  • Where to eat
    • Wag ka nang mag-effort maghanap ng Filipino food. Sa Lucky Plaza lang mayrun at talaga namang impiyerno dun kapag Linggo! Eat at Glutton’s Bay, Makansutra (I know, may pagka-kinky ang pangalan). Try everything! Sarap, sobra! Try niyo rin yung Shabu-shabu sa may Bugis.

Ang pinaka-kinky na kainan. Hindi lang pangalan ang masarap.


  • Smoking
    • Dito ako nagsisisi kung bakit hindi ko dinala yung portable ash tray na niregalo sa akin nung pasko. Singapore’s really strict when it comes to smoking. You can’t just smoke anywhere. And when you find a place to smoke, they usually don’t have a trash bin where you can throw your cigarette butts in. Once, we were smoking in front of Marina Square. Puro Pilipino kausap ko, siguro nawili ako at nakalimutang nasa Singapore ako kasi puro nga Pilipino ang kausap ko. Tinapon ko sa sahig ang upos ng sigarliyo at pinatay pa gamit ang sapatos ko. Aba! Lahat naman sila’y napa-gasp ng matindi at namutla ako slight. Wag daw ako magtatapon kung saan-saan kasi ang mga police dun ay mga naka-civilian at pwede kang damputin na lang. Buti na lang walang ibang nakakita. Tsaka, mahal ang yosi, S$12. Halos PhP400! Sus, kung hindi ka pa mapatigil magyosi dahil dun, baka dahil sa mga picture na nakalagay sa box. Ito nga pala ang sampol ng isang yosi sa kanila:

Kaderder lang, di ba? Paano ka naman magkakaroon ng gangrene sa pagyo-yosi?! Tumatapak siguro sa kanal kapag nagyo-yosi!

  • Singaporeans are honest people
    • Napatunayan namin ito. Maraming beses na kaming nag-iwan ng gamit sa loob ng hotel room, nagalaw at nalinis na ang buong room, pero yung pinagkainan namin, yung bag naming, andun pa rin. May nakwento pa sa amin na kapag may naiwan kang gamit sa cab or anywhere, just hope na walang Pilipino. I know, medyo unfair para sa mga Pilipino notorious na ang nakawan dun at 95% of the time, Pilipino rin ang may pakana. Kapag Singaporean, i-expect mo na in within 24 hours, may tatawag sa’yo at magsosoli ng gamit mo.
    • Kapag magtatanong ng direction, sa Singaporean ka magtanong. Nung nasa Harbor Front kami, may tinanungan kami na mga pinoy. Nagtuturuan sila at alam mong nanti-trip lang. Napamura tuloy ako. Mas madali kapag Singaporean kasi lahat sila nakakapag-english at minsan ihahatid ka pa dun mismo.


  • Lucky Plaza
    • If you unfortunately ran out of prepaid credits, kasi shushunga-shunga kang mag-text sa mga kabarkada mo, pumunta ka dito. This is along Orchard, across Takashimaya. Impyerno nga lang kapag Linggo! Susmiyo, ang mga pinoy dinadagsa talaga ang lugar na ito! Makikita mo mga nagpi-picnic sa gilid! Haysus!

Speaking of Orchard Road…

  • Running shoes
    • Or any shoes that you think would be most comfortable. Yung tipong pwede mong ipanglakad hanggang Indonesia. Kasi kapag nasimulan mo nang maglakad sa Orchard, lahat ng mall talaga namang papasukin mo at lilibutin! Wag kalimutang magpa-picture! Nung nilakad namin ang Orchard, kulang na lang sipain ako ng sarili kong paa. As in, hindi ko na sila maramdaman pagbalik namin sa hotel!

    Syempre kahit masakit na ang paa, todo smile pa rin sa pictures


  • Take the MRT
    • You’ll love their MRT. Kasi, you’ll just need one ticket (don’t buy the “Per Day” cards, you won’t need it) and you can get in to the trains. Konektado kasi lahat. Just be mindful of the platform gap (yan ang paulit-ulit mong maririnig).

Sa Dhoby Ghaut Interchange Station yata ito.

Somerset Station going to Marina Bay


  • Keep left
    • Especially on escalators. Ito ang pinaka-natutunan ko sa Singapore. People follow the left hand rule everywhere. So when you’re in an escalator, be mindful to stay on the left side to give way for people rushing on your right.


  • Lakasan ang loob
    • Na magtanong at kapalan ang mukha. Malay niyo, magaya kayo sa amin na nakapuslit mag-dinner sa Sands on 57 kung saan hotel guests lang ang pwede pumunta (yata) or people with reservations. As in nakapasok kami mismo dun sa pool area kung saan ginawa ang last challenge sa The Amazing Race Asia 4. See attached file:

Actually, bawal yung yosi na niyo-yosi namin. Dala naming yan from Pinas, naipuslit sa bagahe ang 4 packs. Lakasan ng loob lang.


Obviously, hindi ako ang kumuha nito.


Smile-smile lang. Kunwari may pambayad.

Yosi lang. Ninenerbyos na ako niyan kung magkano ang bill namin.


Hulaan kung magkano ang total bill namin?


Yun lang. Ito naman ang mga feeling pro pictures ko:


Oops, syempre, wag kakalimutang kumuha ng pang-profile pic!


The Esplanade Theatre – the durian (their national fruit) inspired theatre


Sunset view from our hotel room


Inside Marina Bay Sands Hotel


The Giant Gulaman Jugs inside Marina Bay Sands Hotel


Pesteng puno yan oh!


Ang pinakamagandang kuha ko… so far.

Sa presinto ka magpaliwanag

6 03 2011

Marami akong ayaw sa buhay, coz it’s me already! Hindi naman ako maarte, but there are certain things I just can’t stand. So I came up with another list of my Top Pet Peeves.

  • Overly Choleric People
    • Sila yung laging, “Yes, we can do it if we just follow the rules” or laging idealistic or puro na lang galing sa leadership books ang sinasabi.

      Minsan kapag kausap ko sila, I simply nod my head and secretly roll my eyes. Choleric is the least of my personalities.


  • Bingi
    • Ayoko ng paulit-ulit. Nasasayang ang effort ko or tingin ko nananadyang mang-asar.


  • Time pressure
    • Lalo akong nagkakamali. Pasensya ka na, dalawa lang kamay ko! You won’t like me when I’m angry


  • Nagmumura
    • Nagmumura rin naman ako, pero kapag sobrang galit na or labis na nagugulat lang. Kaya kapag nakakarinig ako ng nagmumura pero hindi ka naman nagulat to the max, ang dating sa akin ay sobrang galit ka.


  • Nagpapaliwanag
    • Ayoko nga eh. Okeipayn, sa tingin ko kasi kapag nasabi ko na yung reason ko, ayoko ng hinuhukay pang maigi. Para kasi sa akin, mga criminal lang ang kailangang magpaliwanag. Kung kilala mo ako at may tiwala ka sa akin, hindi mo kailangan ang paliwanag ko. At kung kaaway kita, hindi ka maniniwala sa paliwanag ko.

Yan lang muna. Like I said, hindi naman ako maarteng tao.