A Promise to Lily

9 05 2010

Dear Lily,

The first time I saw you, I have to admit that there are doubts in my mind. Will you break my heart? Will I break yours? Will our love last? But because my heart has a mind of its own, I just found myself moving closer to where you are. I thought that probably I could get near you to see you closer. But one step became two… then two steps became three… and before I know it, I’m just right behind you – looking at your beauty. Although I’m tempted, I tried my best for you not to see me. Because I thought, if I’d see your eyes, I would fall into a spell and I’d stay longer and may never leave your side until you come with me.

But the unavoidable happened. I stayed a little too long that your eyes met mine.

From that moment, everything around me went slow-motion. First I touched your hands. Then I had to put you in my arms. And before I had the chance to savor the moment I had you in my arms, you kissed me.

I wanted you to come with me. Brave all odds and just know that we love each other.

I could just imagine the days we will spend together. Every waking day, you greet me with those eyes that caught me and then everything else on that day would be just perfect. I would go home from work and would kiss you and tell you how my day went until we fall asleep.

But reality came to me.

I just couldn’t.

I still have too less space in my life for you, so though it pains me so much, I had to let you go… for now.

But before I go I had to leave you with a promise. I will return.

And in my return I’ll make sure that everything in my life will be perfect – nothing to ever hurt you.

Please hold on for me.

But if by chance I didn’t come back for you, please know how my heart breaks for not coming back for you. It just means I still am in the ruins. I don’t want to bring you in my life if it would mean that you would have to bear all the hurt and hardships with me. So if you find someone else before I could get back to you, it just means it’s not meant to be.

I’ll let you go for now. But if we meet again, I will make sure that I won’t leave that place without you with me.



Ito si Lily… not her true picture but you get the idea. We found her in Tien De Sitas and just couldn’t leave the store when we saw her. But because we don’t have much space for a pet, we had to leave her for now. Until we move to our new place, we couldn’t bring her home. Isa pang factor eh si Lily ang magiging kauna-unahang aso ko. Gusto ko maging special ang lahat bago ko siya maiuwi. Kaya ngayon, nagba-browse muna ako ng mga Beagle Pup Care tips para kapag nakalipat na kami eh ready na akong ampunin si Lily. ‘wag nga lang sanang maunahan kami. Kaya Lily hold on!

We decided to name her Lily dahil sa palabas na Gossip Girl. Kung may maibibigay kayong tips kung paano mag-alaga ng tuta, ay lubos kong maa-appreciate.