A Very Long Way Home via BlackBerry Smartphone

16 12 2010

December 15, 2010 – a day that will forever dwell in infamy.
Let me start from when I got home from work. I got this new phone and I’m yet to figure out how to use it’s features. Honestly, I’m more concerned on how to make my posts on FB appear with that tiny black dotted logo. So I went online right after breakfast and looked for articles on the My Globe page.
Well, say whatever you want, but I’ll never go post paid. No matter how much they say it’s more convenient and that I can afford it, I’ll never consider receiving bills monthly with a summary of the calls you made and the services you purchased. That’s why I think it’s great that Globe offers packages where I can still use the features of the phone without a post paid plan.
I spoke with someone who has had the same hand set for months and helped me registering the hand set to the service provider.
Then, there I was, enjoying all the services of the phone; downloaded all the apps (FB, Plurk, Twitter, WordPress… Etc); and posting like hell on FB – adoring that little black logo that says “via BB“.
The day went on… Oh I forgot to mention that my parents were to fly home this day so I have to go pick them up at the airport. At 12 noon, I went to our house in Mandaluyong only to find out that everyone already left to pick up my parents! I had to call them up and tell them that I will catch up with them at the airport. But when I got back to the main street to hail some cab, and whaddayaknow… No cab agrees to bring to the airport. It’s a quarter to 1pm so the sun is way up in the sky and I don’t want to shimmer like the Cullens so I went back to our house and waited for my parents there.
When my parents came home, of course they first noticed how much weight I’ve gained since they last saw me. Then hugs and “how are you”s… Drama much. When night fell, I left and went to Galleria to eat.
Getting back to our house in Guad is not easy. First, let me tell you how annoying cab drivers are especially in December. These sanafabeaches refuse to take you wherever. I don’t know what’s with them, maybe they’re the true Christmas Grinch. I couldn’t get a cab from the mall because the queue is as long as EDSA – of course I’m exaggerating. I went to the other queue on the other side of the mall, well there’s a shorter queue but there are no cabs lined up and I really want to go home. It was about 12mn at that time and I was really tired. So I took a deep breath and looked at the footbridge to the other side of EDSA.
I took a deeper breath and went up the footbridge and walked like I’m walking through burning coal. I have my earphones plugged onto my iPod, and my new phone bulging on my pocket, I’m like Bella for the vampires that are the holduppers. I didn’t realize how much of a labyrinth the footbridge was. There were stairs that go down below the MRT where I had walk a little slower because it’s really dark. I was relieved to went off on the other side of the bridge in one piece and with all of my gadgets still with me.
So I took the bus to Guad and thought I’ll get off at the MRT station where I just have to up a safer and more well-lit footbridge. Wrong! I didn’t know that buses let you off way beyond the MRT station to the footbridge that goes out near the Sogo hotel. When I got off the bus, I walked like a blur.
Knowing that every computer game has a final evil boss that you have to face before you finish the game, I lit a cigarette to appear tough. And like Mario getting a star, I walked like I can walk through anyone. I went down to JP Rizal and there I walked through a neighborhood who just happened to decide to get drunk and get violent and harass every passers by. I kept my cool, puffing out the smoke from my cigarette although deep inside I’m trembling like a little girl. I passed by a group of teenagers who obviously are drunk. One boy stood up and looked like he’s just staring at me trying to want to pick a fight. I’m not dumb so I tried to not look at him in the eye because I know it’s international sign for “bring it on, bitch” when you’re dared into a fight. But looking down my shoes pretending that I’m thinking, I noticed something coming out his shorts. It was so close when I realized he was peeing. That son of bitch was peeing and almost peed on my shoes. I didn’t look back because there’s more than 4 of them and I don’t wanna get beaten up. So I walked on turbo mode to our building where I was relieved to see manong guard and knew I was safe.
When I went up to our unit I noticed that my pants are wet. That son of a bitch peed on my pants like a dog marked his territory!
So lesson learned, be patient and wait for a cab. There ought to be one who’ll agree to take you wherever you want, well for twice the amount on December.