Outside the Box

27 09 2010

I believe I’ve told everyone more than once that I’ve stopped running for a long time now. So long that I’ve started growing a beer belly even though I don’t even drink to even qualify as a beer drinker. I remember the days when I used to have a 26-inch waistline. Now, I’ve only managed to squeeze myself into a size 32-inch W pair of pants. Jeez! I can’t believe I’ve gained so much weight! Last time I’ve checked, I tipped the scales at 150+ lbs. Although for my height, they say that’s the ideal weight (I really don’t know, I’m not the health expert here), it gets really bad when most of that gained pounds is just a big chunk of bubbling fat and it’s all concentrated in my belly area!

Believe me, I’ve been trying! I try my best to avoid that rack of desserts after ordering my lunch at work and grab a bottle of L-Carnitine drink! But each time I would go straight to the cashier to pay for my food, those Sylvannas pulls me into thinking that if I munch down one of them sweet pastry and drink one can of Coke Zero, the Zero Calorie content of the soda will cancel all the calorie content of the sweet treat!

I haven’t been running because: First, I don’t have anyone to run with. Some runners say the best way to encourage yourself to run is to get someone you could run with. Second, I don’t have anywhere to go running. I didn’t want to run around The Fort and get everyone at work see me with my sweaty pits the size of Canada. Neither would I want to run along the Pasig River near where I live. Third, I’m too lazy. I figure that the time I’d spend running should be best spent sleeping so I won’t doze off at work… too often! Everyone at work knows whenever I’m sleepy – I stop talking.

My peers at work already started boxing but it can only be done on weekdays. I already planned on buying gloves and wraps, but I’m still not sure. If this takes too much time from my weekday rest, I’m sure to quit in a heartbeat. I also signed-up for the Run for Pasig River event on October 10th in MOA. With “signed-up” being the operative word (or is it words?), I could still cancel my registration or just ignore it since I haven’t paid for it just yet. I’m mostly in it for the celebs I’m about to see. I just hope it’s gonna be someone famous so I could at least have a picture taken with them and then post on to my Facebook page and boast that I met someone in the A-list!

I’m worried what would my body look like in a year. More than that, I’m more concerned with my health. Although, I’m still very young (don’t you dare object!), my family has a History of heart-related illness. I realized that the half a kilo of Chicharon I ate all by myself would someday come back and clog my arteries. Plus, with me smoking, if in case I didn’t inherit those heart-related illnesses from my parents, I would probably end up with lung cancer. I’m screwed!

So, what happens now?

I’ll tell you in a few days.

And oh, since I’ve already updated the driver for my laptop’s webcam, maybe next week I’ll start video blogging.

Dame ko gustong gawin. Sana magawa ko lahat kahit hindi na lang yung world domination. Sana kahit yung magkaroon ng poster sa Guadalupe. (insert song: Mangarap ka!)