My 2011

27 12 2011

The year’s about to end and I figured it’s just timely enough for me to look back into the year that was.

  • First year anniversary of Run, MD! Run!
    • Run, MD! Run! Was created for the main purpose of encouraging me to run at least twice a month. Well, so far, I’ve only managed to run twice this year and with 4 days left of this year, I don’t think that number’s gonna increase. But anyhow, thanks for everyone who bid their greetings for this milestone.
  • I didn’t get the promotion I applied for but I got in to a leadership training
    • Yes, I got depressed for quite a long time after that and actually considered choosing another job but after a few months, I got in to this leadership training and I am now on a manager relief role. I’m not yet there, but I’m getting there. But it’s one hell of a path to get there. I just hope I survive (but please let me get the promotion).
  • I went to Singapore
    • It was better than Hong Kong. I enjoyed it because there’s more to see in Singapore than in Hong Kong and it’s easier to get along with the locals since they speak and understand functional English. But then I had less money when we went to Singapore than when we went to Hong Kong. I don’t know. Maybe it’s just that Singapore’s more expensive than Hong Kong.
  • Photography
    • I got into photography shortly after the Singapore trip. I enrolled in a Basic Photography class. My expectations: a class full of clueless brats who can afford a DSLR. Reality: a whole bunch of semi-professionals who enrolled to Basic Photography to get through Advanced level then to Wedding/Landscape Photography. Ending: I felt like crap. All my photos are worse than when I took them using my very first camera phone. Only with a bigger file size. Fuck.
  • Busy, busy, busy
    • I became so busy with the leadership program then photography, then work, then sleeping. I was so tired on weekdays that I have to allot a day during the weekend just to allow myself to get back all the hours I lack in sleep. In the end, I couldn’t pay much attention in my leadership class; I was so busy with work that I didn’t had the time to properly plan my finale photo for the class that the critic that I got from my photo was “inappropriate” and “amateurish”; I was so mad most of the time that I got in to so much verbal fights that I thought I’m going nuts and I considered getting into an anger management class. But I thought it’s another time I had to subtract from my restless week… bad idea.
  • Fat
    • I started the year weighing 140lbs. That’s why I wanted to run to lose some of that weight and then get into a gym to turn that fat into lean muscles. Didn’t happen. Like I said, I was so busy that lack so much sleep and I compensated with eating just so I won’t disintegrate at work. Now I weigh around 160lbs and my neck started fusing with my face, I lost my jaw line.
  • Rufus and Rover
    • We bought Rufus for my birthday but then a week later he died of canine parvo-virus. A month later, we bought Rover and we thought we’re gonna keep him forever. Life is a bitch and decided to fuck me and took Rover from us after 3 months. I’m gonna tell you more about this on my next post. But before I do, let me just say, “Fuck you, life, for taking Rufus and Rover from us”.
  • Bankruptcy
    • Because of the vet bills and medicines and all other expenses with Rover and Rufus, I drained my savings account dry. I didn’t get to spend Christmas with my older brother who happens to be the only one in my family who’s still in the country but then probably already hates me for not spending Christmas with him. I didn’t get to see my nephews and youngest who was born on Christmas day because I don’t have money: money to give them and money for a jeepney ride to their houses.

There’s a lot more but I can’t say it here. But I think that’s more than enough reason why my 2011 sucks big time and this is what I have to say about it…

Although there were some ups but the downs far outweigh it so yeah… F**K YOU 2011.

So what if the world’s gonna end on 2012, it sure beats living 2011 all over again.


Disclaimer: You’d probably think that I have the rich kid problem, but let me just point out that I’m not really complaining. I’m just contemplating on how bad the year was for me but yet I’m still alive. If 2011 is this much suck-y for me, then the future looks bright since it couldn’t get any worse than that…


I think…


I hope.


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2 11 2010

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Outside the Box

27 09 2010

I believe I’ve told everyone more than once that I’ve stopped running for a long time now. So long that I’ve started growing a beer belly even though I don’t even drink to even qualify as a beer drinker. I remember the days when I used to have a 26-inch waistline. Now, I’ve only managed to squeeze myself into a size 32-inch W pair of pants. Jeez! I can’t believe I’ve gained so much weight! Last time I’ve checked, I tipped the scales at 150+ lbs. Although for my height, they say that’s the ideal weight (I really don’t know, I’m not the health expert here), it gets really bad when most of that gained pounds is just a big chunk of bubbling fat and it’s all concentrated in my belly area!

Believe me, I’ve been trying! I try my best to avoid that rack of desserts after ordering my lunch at work and grab a bottle of L-Carnitine drink! But each time I would go straight to the cashier to pay for my food, those Sylvannas pulls me into thinking that if I munch down one of them sweet pastry and drink one can of Coke Zero, the Zero Calorie content of the soda will cancel all the calorie content of the sweet treat!

I haven’t been running because: First, I don’t have anyone to run with. Some runners say the best way to encourage yourself to run is to get someone you could run with. Second, I don’t have anywhere to go running. I didn’t want to run around The Fort and get everyone at work see me with my sweaty pits the size of Canada. Neither would I want to run along the Pasig River near where I live. Third, I’m too lazy. I figure that the time I’d spend running should be best spent sleeping so I won’t doze off at work… too often! Everyone at work knows whenever I’m sleepy – I stop talking.

My peers at work already started boxing but it can only be done on weekdays. I already planned on buying gloves and wraps, but I’m still not sure. If this takes too much time from my weekday rest, I’m sure to quit in a heartbeat. I also signed-up for the Run for Pasig River event on October 10th in MOA. With “signed-up” being the operative word (or is it words?), I could still cancel my registration or just ignore it since I haven’t paid for it just yet. I’m mostly in it for the celebs I’m about to see. I just hope it’s gonna be someone famous so I could at least have a picture taken with them and then post on to my Facebook page and boast that I met someone in the A-list!

I’m worried what would my body look like in a year. More than that, I’m more concerned with my health. Although, I’m still very young (don’t you dare object!), my family has a History of heart-related illness. I realized that the half a kilo of Chicharon I ate all by myself would someday come back and clog my arteries. Plus, with me smoking, if in case I didn’t inherit those heart-related illnesses from my parents, I would probably end up with lung cancer. I’m screwed!

So, what happens now?

I’ll tell you in a few days.

And oh, since I’ve already updated the driver for my laptop’s webcam, maybe next week I’ll start video blogging.

Dame ko gustong gawin. Sana magawa ko lahat kahit hindi na lang yung world domination. Sana kahit yung magkaroon ng poster sa Guadalupe. (insert song: Mangarap ka!)

Sana nabibili ang…

11 09 2010

I know, previously naihayag ko ang mga frustration ko sa pagiging dukha o sa hindi gaanong kayamanan. Pero hayaan niyo naman na ihayag ko ang mga bagay na sa katayuan ko ngayon, let me say again for the record na hindi ako mayaman, ay mga mahirap nang maatim. Kung sana lang nabibili ang…

  • Tulog

    Hindi kaila sa lahat na isa sa down-side ng pagiging kolzenner ay kulang ka lagi sa tulog. Andyan yung pauwi ka pa lang eh nasa utak mo na yung kamang hihigaan mo. Sana may makaimbento ng mga sasakyang pampubliko sa pinas na may higaan na at diretso na sa kwarto mo. Kung may pagkakataon mang makatulog, bihira akong makakuha ng mahimbing at diretsong tulog. Andyan yung magigising ka kasi yung kapitbahay naaliw mabuti sa pinapanood o may asong kakahol kasi may kumatok na kartero (muntik ko na makalimutan tagalong ng Mailman). Kung isang mapayapang tanghali naman, magigising ka naman sa init kasi nag-brownout or hindi lang nakayanan ng erkon. Kung minalas-malas ka, lahat ng bagay sa buong universe ay pumirma na sa pagtulog mo kaso hindi ka naman makatulog kasi… wala lang! Trip lang ng diwa mong sariwain lahat ng lyrics ng mga kanta o mag-shimmering flashback sa nakaraan kahit na may bitbit nang pouch ang eyebags mo!

  • Oras

    Although hindi naman talaga kolzenner ang pinapasukan ko, or yung trabaho ko mismo, sa gabi pa rin kailangang mag-trabaho. Gahol sa oras madalas. Pilit hinahabol ang isang bagay na hindi naman mahuhuli. Paglabas ng trabaho, oras naman para mag-enjoy or magpahinga. Marami akong kasamang mga pamilyado na. Sila yung ubod ng hirap ayaing tumambay muna or lumabas lalo na sa weekend kasi syempre naman, iyon lang ang oras nila sa pamilya nila. Sa akin naman, nauubos ng tulog at pahinga ang oras na sana ay ginugol ko para matutong mag-maneho (kahit wala akong tsikot) or magbasa ng libro para may matutunan naman (hindi yung puro sign-board na lang ng bus o laman ng kyumpyuter ang nababasa) or magtatakbo ulet para hindi na lumaki pa lalo ang tyan ko.

Kanina sa opisina dinaing ko ito. Sagot ng ungas kong kasama: “Oo naman, nabibili yan… mag-resign ka!”

Nagimbal ang mundo ko, peeps. Nag-shimmering flashback tuloy ang isip ko sa mga panahong wala akong trabaho at one-scratch-one-beak ako! Yung panahong ako’y nakatihaya sa sahig hanggang sa tubuan ako ng kabute at kabisado ko ang program sa radio at lifestyle network. Yung panahong lahat ng tulog at oras sa mundo ay nasa akin. Yung panahong inggit na inggit ako sa mga kakilala kong may pang-text araw-araw samantalang ako wala kahit pang reply sa napakaimportanteng text!

So mga bata… ano ang natutunan niyo kay MD ngayon?

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25 08 2010

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28 07 2010

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Those damn retainers!

14 05 2010

My teeth hurt.

Yes, you’ve read it right! It’s not just a single tooth. It’s my whole mouth and jaw to be exact that hurt. In case you didn’t know, I used to have braces and decided to have it taken off a few months ago. In place of it, my dentist gave me a pair of retainers to keep my teeth perfectly aligned. I was told to wear it the whole day (except when you eat), every day for two years to keep my teeth from going back to its ugly crooked past.

Being a stubborn ass, I only wear it when I sleep or when I get too stubborn don’t wear it at all for weeks. The bad thing about not wearing it for a long time is your teeth moves slightly – so much that your retainer won’t fit the same way it does as compared when you obey your dentist.

You may be asking why I don’t wear my retainers every day. Well, let me count the reasons:

  1. It’s such a hassle. You have to take it off before you eat!
  2. People make fun of you when you speak. You suddenly get the lisp.
  3. It hurts like hell!
  4. It’s disgusting! You either drool a lot when you sleep or your saliva gets stuck on the roof of your mouth.
  5. You look like a dork when you wear it!

Sa mga mambabasa ko, naisingit ko lang. Sakit kasi talaga ng ipen ko eh!hehe