Swim, MD! Swim!

2 05 2012

I mean, I know how to swim like keep myself afloat (for when I’m too lazy to paddle). But to really really know how to swim, (e.g. breast stroke, freestyle or keep myself alive), that’s another. Many have tried to teach me and even went to the extent of pushing me into a water slide that leads to the very deep end of the pool, but I was too scared (and maybe too lazy to keep myself afloat) and quickly paddled like a dog to the edge of the pool. So that didn’t work.
I’ve already mentioned before that I’ve been planning to take swimming lessons, but maybe I’m too shy to enroll myself into a class. I mean, who would want to teach a lazy, 26 year-old fat ass like me? Okay, maybe if I pay enough someone will.
I have read that not being able to swim is some sort of disability. Imagine being in a company outing but you can’t join everyone swimming because you can’t. How much more if you, God forbid, got into an accident in the open sea? You’ll either be 1) dead from drowning and 2) dead because the others who can swim will use you as bait for the sharks. In short: dead us there (Patay tayo diyan).
I don’t know. I’m not sure if I should start by getting myself fit, you know start getting those six-pack so I could flaunt it in the beach. Or probably start learning how to swim and with that probably get fit in the process.
Oooh, I can already see myself running in slow-mo on the beach then the music from Baywatch will start playing in the background!

Swim-swim na me!