16 12 2011

I wasn’t on hiatus if anyone’s asking. I’ve just been busy with work, that’s it. Well, I’m not at work all week, but I’m busy resting and trying to get back some sleep I’ve lost during the weekday on weekends. This proves that you can never have work-life balance. I was told that if you talk too much about work life balance, you either do not work, or have no life at all.

I’ve tried several times to write something using the WordPress app on my phone, but that didn’t do me good. I attempted to write about Rufus, our first dog, but I thought it was too long and maybe no one would read it.

This is Rufus, 3 months old, Shih Tzu

Rufus is a 3-month old Shih Tzu when we first got him days after my birthday. We had him examined by a vet and was told that he needs to stay in our house for a week more before we proceed with the normal grooming and shots. We took him home and had to keep him in the carrier that we bought him with. It was the most heart-breaking sound when he cried through the night but we had to be strong to make him used to being alone at night. In the morning, we took him out for a walk around the neighborhood, we were the happiest seeing Rufus run and sniff around.

Saturday morning, I went home from work to feed Rufus. I felt bad because I had to leave him right away because I had a class that day. I didn’t place him back the carrier because I thought it’s too small for him. Instead, I placed him on his leash and left. Before I locked the door, I heard him cry. When I got home, we bought him a crate and he looks like he loved it.

Sunday, we stayed home to play with him the whole day. I loved the way he would crawl in the space between the bean bag where I would normally sit and the sofa. There he would beckon for me to scratch his belly and he would go straight to sleep.

Monday, I left early for work and went back the next morning @ 4am. Here I fed him right away but noticed he didn’t eat any of the food I gave him. I thought he’s probably not in the mood to eat. So I placed him back in his crate and went to sleep. When I wake up @9am, we found some vomit on the tray under his crate and I wondered where that came from since he didn’t eat that morning. I thought he might have just eaten something that didn’t agree with him. But when we tried to call him, he won’t move and appeared lethargic. We immediately rushed him to the vet where we found that he had Parvo. We were told that he had a 50/50 chance of surviving.

The next day, I called the vet for updates on Rufus but I was told that he wouldn’t eat and kept vomiting and his stool is still soft. I feared for the worst. We visited him for 3 days and noticed that he would try his best to still respond when although we were told that his health is not improving.

Friday morning, it was my turn to visit and I’m stuck in traffic on my way to the vet. I received a call from the Vet and was told that Rufus can’t breathe anymore, I was already crying. I told the cab driver to hurry. Just a few meters from the vet’s clinic, I received another call and this time a lady spoke to me saying that Rufus had already passed away. When I was called to get inside the operating room, I saw lying on the table the life-less body of Rufus. I cried so hard.

We were told that it’s impossible that Rufus caught the virus when he was with us since the virus had an incubation period of 7 to 14 days. Rufus may have had the virus already when we bought him. Funny because Rufus had the slip with all these vaccines showing he should’ve had immunity to this virus. We were told that the pet shop we bought him from may have just injected the vaccines themselves or probably didn’t do it at all.

The most heart-breaking part of it is that he is our first pet and we didn’t even had the chance to bathe him or had him groomed.

Now I understand why certain pet owners go to the extent of pampering their pets that it sometimes border exaggeration. Those days, no matter how few, when we went home and see Rufus jumping and barking at us made us alive once again and made us feel that someone’s waiting for us. Now I understand what made me cry when my uncle had our family dog killed for pulutan.

Rufus is just one in thousands of dogs sold in pet stores for a bargain price and probably meant nothing to the owner than a few thousand pesos. He is just one in thousands of dogs, everyday that are abused and killed because they couldn’t get a home. We’re just glad that we took Rufus out of that place and we somehow managed to make him feel loved and made us feel loved no matter how brief.


Outside the Box

27 09 2010

I believe I’ve told everyone more than once that I’ve stopped running for a long time now. So long that I’ve started growing a beer belly even though I don’t even drink to even qualify as a beer drinker. I remember the days when I used to have a 26-inch waistline. Now, I’ve only managed to squeeze myself into a size 32-inch W pair of pants. Jeez! I can’t believe I’ve gained so much weight! Last time I’ve checked, I tipped the scales at 150+ lbs. Although for my height, they say that’s the ideal weight (I really don’t know, I’m not the health expert here), it gets really bad when most of that gained pounds is just a big chunk of bubbling fat and it’s all concentrated in my belly area!

Believe me, I’ve been trying! I try my best to avoid that rack of desserts after ordering my lunch at work and grab a bottle of L-Carnitine drink! But each time I would go straight to the cashier to pay for my food, those Sylvannas pulls me into thinking that if I munch down one of them sweet pastry and drink one can of Coke Zero, the Zero Calorie content of the soda will cancel all the calorie content of the sweet treat!

I haven’t been running because: First, I don’t have anyone to run with. Some runners say the best way to encourage yourself to run is to get someone you could run with. Second, I don’t have anywhere to go running. I didn’t want to run around The Fort and get everyone at work see me with my sweaty pits the size of Canada. Neither would I want to run along the Pasig River near where I live. Third, I’m too lazy. I figure that the time I’d spend running should be best spent sleeping so I won’t doze off at work… too often! Everyone at work knows whenever I’m sleepy – I stop talking.

My peers at work already started boxing but it can only be done on weekdays. I already planned on buying gloves and wraps, but I’m still not sure. If this takes too much time from my weekday rest, I’m sure to quit in a heartbeat. I also signed-up for the Run for Pasig River event on October 10th in MOA. With “signed-up” being the operative word (or is it words?), I could still cancel my registration or just ignore it since I haven’t paid for it just yet. I’m mostly in it for the celebs I’m about to see. I just hope it’s gonna be someone famous so I could at least have a picture taken with them and then post on to my Facebook page and boast that I met someone in the A-list!

I’m worried what would my body look like in a year. More than that, I’m more concerned with my health. Although, I’m still very young (don’t you dare object!), my family has a History of heart-related illness. I realized that the half a kilo of Chicharon I ate all by myself would someday come back and clog my arteries. Plus, with me smoking, if in case I didn’t inherit those heart-related illnesses from my parents, I would probably end up with lung cancer. I’m screwed!

So, what happens now?

I’ll tell you in a few days.

And oh, since I’ve already updated the driver for my laptop’s webcam, maybe next week I’ll start video blogging.

Dame ko gustong gawin. Sana magawa ko lahat kahit hindi na lang yung world domination. Sana kahit yung magkaroon ng poster sa Guadalupe. (insert song: Mangarap ka!)

Protected: Momay vs Trudis

28 07 2010

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The Adventures of Kiro

25 05 2010

[Babala: Ang sumusunod na poste ay dulot ng matinding pagka-GEEK ni MD. Pwedeng patulan wag lang asarin. Reader discretion is uhm, uhm… Basta bahala na kayo. Eh sa ito ang pumasok sa isip ko eh]

Ito ay litrato ng isang Tigrex at ng matapang na Hunter na nangangarap malipol ang pinaka malupet na halimaw sa Pokke Village (totoong pangalan yan ng lugar sa game). Ito ang kinaadikan ko ngayon, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite. Although, mag-iisang taon na akong naglalaro nito, ngayon lang ako muli nakatutok sa paglalaro nito. Buwiset nga lang at hindi na ako nakaalis sa HR2 (Hunter Rank 2).

Una akong nahumaling sa larong Patapon 2. Nilalaro kasi ito ng agent ko. Nakyuryus ako kung ano yung laro niyang may ubod ng cute na tunog. Ayun, lagi akong nakikisabay sa lunch niya para lang makilaro ng PSP niya. Dahil sa ganap na inggitero ako, napabili rin ako ng sarili kong PSP console at doon na nagsimula ang kaadikan. Ang Patapon 2 ay pambatang laro kung maituturing. Gamit ang mga keys na Square (Pata), Circle (Pon), Triangle (Chaka), at X (Don), pipindutin mo ang mga chants gaya ng PATA-PATA-PATA-PON (which means to charge or move forward) para talunin ang mga Karmen! Ang magpapahirap nga lang dito ay kailangan mong i-sabay sa rhythm ng drum beat ang bawat pindot kundi madadapa ang mga Patapon at magiging vulnerable sa mga attack ng alagad ni Karmen o ng kung sinumang halimaw.

I-click ito para mapakinggan ang ubod ng kyut na opening song ng Patapon.

Nakakaaliw, nakakalibang, ang Patapon ay madaling laro kung tutuusin kasi hindi mo naman kailangan masyadong tumingin sa screen para malaro. Kailangan lang alam mo ang weakness ng kalaban mo at kung paano aayusin ang mga alagad mo.

3 or 4 months ko lang nilaro ang Patapon. Natapos ko rin agad, at nabagot nang muli ang batang si MD.

Naalala ko bigla na may nag-suggest na laruin ko rin ang Monster Hunter. Akala ko noon ito ay parang Pokemon din. Ibang-iba pala. Sa graphics pa lang, para ka nang dinala sa mundo nito.

Mahirap sa simula kasi kailangan mo muna matutunan ang basics: Weapons, Armors, Use of Materials. Kailangan mo ring pag-aralan kung paano gawin ang mga sumusunod: Gather, Cook Meat, Combine Materials, Fish at Mine. Ang nakakatuwa, kapag nalaman mo na ang mga yan, maaari ka nang magsimula sa una mong Quest mula sa Village Elder. Simple lang sa una, mga gathering Quest. Pero susunod niyan Slaying Quests na at ang pinakamahirap, Hunting Quest kung saan papatay ka ng isang malakaing Halimaw. Although sa simula, isang hamak na Gendrome (parang T-Rex na kasing laki ng Character mo lang halos) pa lang ang papatayin mo. Paglalaruan mo ang combination ng Armor at Weapon. Tactics and Skills ang kailangan para matagumpayan ang isang Quest. Para sa akin, ang pinakamahirap na napatay ko ay isang Plesioth. Hindi naman sa malakas ito, kundi napakailap. Sa mga naglalaro nito, malamang isa rin sa pinaka ayaw niyo ang pumatay ng Plesioth. Ang mga water creature, tatapatan mo ng Fire Weapons.

Nakakaaliw! Kaso nga lang, pagkatapos mong maglaro masakit na ang mga daliri at braso mo.

Pampalipas oras ko ngayon yan. Kaso nga lang, kapag nasimulan ko na, madalas nakakalimutan ko na rin matulog. Ayun, bangag ako sa trabaho kanina. Paglabas ko ng trabaho, na-realize ko 24 hours na akong gising. Halos alas-sais y medya na ng umaga ako nagising nung Lunes eh.

Ang moral lesson ng posteng ito? Wala. Or kung meron man, malamang hindi ko natutunan. Nag-enjoy naman ako sa mga oras na nasayang ko kakalaro ng PSP eh. Masakit nga lang yung thumbs ko at yung wrist ko. Kung may anak ako ngayon, bibigyan ko ba ng PSP? Uhm, depende. Kung marunong na siyang magbasa at magsulat ng pangalan niya, sige bibigyan ko. Kaso bibigyan ko ng boundaries. Pagkatapos ko muna maglaro.hehehe

Bago ko nga pala tapusin ang posteng ito. Sa mga naglalaro naman nito, penge naman ng tips oh. Kasi yung mga ka-Adhoc ko dati sa office hindi ko na nakikita eh.

Shucks, I’m such a Geek!

Dagdag: Kayo? Ihayag ang inyong kinaaliwang Video Game.  Maaari ring ihayag ang mga larong kalye na nilaro nung kabataan.

A Promise to Lily

9 05 2010

Dear Lily,

The first time I saw you, I have to admit that there are doubts in my mind. Will you break my heart? Will I break yours? Will our love last? But because my heart has a mind of its own, I just found myself moving closer to where you are. I thought that probably I could get near you to see you closer. But one step became two… then two steps became three… and before I know it, I’m just right behind you – looking at your beauty. Although I’m tempted, I tried my best for you not to see me. Because I thought, if I’d see your eyes, I would fall into a spell and I’d stay longer and may never leave your side until you come with me.

But the unavoidable happened. I stayed a little too long that your eyes met mine.

From that moment, everything around me went slow-motion. First I touched your hands. Then I had to put you in my arms. And before I had the chance to savor the moment I had you in my arms, you kissed me.

I wanted you to come with me. Brave all odds and just know that we love each other.

I could just imagine the days we will spend together. Every waking day, you greet me with those eyes that caught me and then everything else on that day would be just perfect. I would go home from work and would kiss you and tell you how my day went until we fall asleep.

But reality came to me.

I just couldn’t.

I still have too less space in my life for you, so though it pains me so much, I had to let you go… for now.

But before I go I had to leave you with a promise. I will return.

And in my return I’ll make sure that everything in my life will be perfect – nothing to ever hurt you.

Please hold on for me.

But if by chance I didn’t come back for you, please know how my heart breaks for not coming back for you. It just means I still am in the ruins. I don’t want to bring you in my life if it would mean that you would have to bear all the hurt and hardships with me. So if you find someone else before I could get back to you, it just means it’s not meant to be.

I’ll let you go for now. But if we meet again, I will make sure that I won’t leave that place without you with me.



Ito si Lily… not her true picture but you get the idea. We found her in Tien De Sitas and just couldn’t leave the store when we saw her. But because we don’t have much space for a pet, we had to leave her for now. Until we move to our new place, we couldn’t bring her home. Isa pang factor eh si Lily ang magiging kauna-unahang aso ko. Gusto ko maging special ang lahat bago ko siya maiuwi. Kaya ngayon, nagba-browse muna ako ng mga Beagle Pup Care tips para kapag nakalipat na kami eh ready na akong ampunin si Lily. ‘wag nga lang sanang maunahan kami. Kaya Lily hold on!

We decided to name her Lily dahil sa palabas na Gossip Girl. Kung may maibibigay kayong tips kung paano mag-alaga ng tuta, ay lubos kong maa-appreciate.