My Neighbor is a Stupid Bitch Chronicles – The Noise, The Dog, and The Bathrobe

15 04 2012

We’ve been confronted by our neighbor (again) about the noise from our TV. In fact, just when we were considering to get this place, we’ve been warned by our landlady that the next door neighbor complains a lot about the slightest noise when they hear one. We didn’t mind because we work at night and mostly asleep during the day.
One day, when manang (our house help who visits our place once a week to do the laundry and clean up our place) was busy sorting through our laundry, our TV was left on high volume. We usually just leave the TV like that just so we would have the feel that someone’s at home. That day we might’ve forgotten that the volume was too high.
I was in the room when I heard the loud knock on our screen door accompanied by our neighbor’s high-pitched voice. “Pwede bang hinaan niyo ang TV niyo? Nakakabulahaw na eh.”
I stepped out of the room and apologized for the noise. When I muted the TV, she was still screaming at manang saying “Araw-araw na lang, ang ingay niyang TV niyo.” First, I do not appreciate her screaming at poor manang. Second, the TV’s now on mute and just because we made a mistake of leaving the TV on high volume doesn’t give her the liscense to bad mouth us. I answered back, “Teka lang po, wag niyo naman po sigawan si manang at kailan lang ba kami nanonood ng TV? Kapag kayo ang maingay kaka-pukpok ng pader niyo, narinig niyo ba kaming mag-reklamo? At kapag nananahimik kami dito at biglang tatahol ang aso niyo nang pagkalakas-lakas kahit na natutulog kami dahil sa gabi ang pasok namin, nagreklamo ba kami?” Then she continued with her nagging, repeating everything she said. Irritated, I simply said, “Ayan na po, mahina na ang TV. Mas malakas pa nga po ang boses niyo sa TV. Nakakabulahaw na po kayo ng ibang kapitbahay. Baka naman po pwedeng tumahimik na kayo.”
After that incident, we never heard from her again until just a few days ago.
I was busy preparing dinner, and yes, I left the TV on high volume again. She came knocking violently at our door again complaining at the noise. I apologized and turn down the volume. When I did that she still continued nagging. Annoyed that she seemed to have won the argument, I yelled at her “Baka naman po pwedeng tumigil na kayo sa kaka-sigaw kasi wala po akong magagawa kung wala po kayong cable.” She walked away and slammed her screen door behind her. A few minutes after, someone knocked at her door, and her dog started barking loudly, that I began shouting “Ang ingay naman!”
I figured we will never be friends and I never intend to be. I know answering her that way is not respectful at all. But I’m just annoyed at elderly people who nags around younger people just because they can. Being older doesn’t make you right all the time. When I answered back at her is my way of telling her that she cannot just do that to anyone most especially us. We’re not the only noisy household in this floor nor in this building. Heck, we even pay the homeowner’s association fee more punctually than her (I always check on the records).
Well, whenever there’s an argument, I always end up thinking how I could’ve ended those arguments better.
I even thought of saying, “Maingay? Sandali lang. Let’s define ingay?”
Perhaps, I could say, “So, you think we’re very noisy? Tell me how you’ve been living a very quiet life with your retarded dog and all those mid-afternoon pounding on the wall?”
Or I should’ve said, “Sorry, I can’t hear you over our very awesome surround sound system.
You, if you were in my place… How would you have responded to this witch?